About Us

This is where people seek something to say ‘Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad’ (and here’s to many more to come).

It’s a place for parents who are the biggest cheerleaders of their children, and the most loyal of friends.

And this right here - this is the story of how the Charming Jewellery Store, and later the Charming Gift Store, came to be.


2018…The yearly re-set leads to a seed of an idea

Our story starts on Bowen Island – a tiny island just a 20-minute ferry ride away from West Vancouver. This is where the hours slow down and tourists watch the world go by. And after one visit back in September 2018, it became our favourite place in the world - quiet, idyllic and a step away from the hustle and bustle of busy everyday life.

During that Autumnal break away, we became engaged. Samantha gained a ring, and in turn she decided that she wanted to give a personal gift in return - to remind David of their time there, as well as for sharing with others. And that right there – that was the moment a light bulb began to flicker.


“Like every other family, our yearly holiday provides memories that last a lifetime. But this year I wanted to give David a gift over which he could reminisce. And a bog-stand, off-the-shelf product simply didn’t seem to fit the bill”.



Our work begins…

Over the course of the following few weeks and months we stepped up to the steep learning curve that took us from zero e-commerce experience to ready to open the digital doors of our shop.


“Those months were defined by late nights, early mornings and lots of coffee. There were hours of research, endless discussions over how, when and what”.



2019…the Charming Jewellery Store opens for business. 2020 the Charming Gift Store opens for business

Go ahead – go explore our products – many of which are handmade right here in the UK.

From simple initials, to names and personal messages, discover products that can be customised in a way you choose – for a truly personal touch for your carefully chosen purchase.


David & Samantha x